[% library = libs.html section = 'tables' ; WRAPPER page %]

These elements are for creating HTML tables and the rows and cells within them. In most cases, they offer little benefit over using the regular HTML tags and are more likely to make your templates more complicated and harder to read. But on the other hand, they are useful for various other elements which glue them together in interesting ways to make more complex components (e.g. bars and menus). Think of them as HTML Lego® bricks.

[% PROCESS html/rgb %] [% PROCESS example/split3 count=1 %] [% PROCESS example/tbreak %] [% PROCESS example/vsplit3 from=2 to=3 %] [% PROCESS example/tbreak %] [% PROCESS example/vsplit2 from=4 to=5 %] [% END %]