[% library = libs.splash section = 'config' ; WRAPPER page %]

The splash/config file is used to specify various configuration values for the Splash! library. The most important item is 'splash.images' which defines the URL prefix for the [% splash.bold %] images. If this value is wrong, you'll notice that your interface elements don't have smooth, rounded corners but empty, square chunks of broken image links. Afer that, everything is pretty much a matter of personal taste.

If you want to make changes without modifying the main configuration file then you can always PROCESS the splash/config file and then change values afterwards. So you might have your own config file (automatically processed as a PRE_PROCESS template, for example) which does something like this:

[% TAGS star %] [* WRAPPER source -*] [% PROCESS splash/config; splash.images = '/~abw/tt2/splash/images' splash.style.default.col.fore = 'green75' splash.style.select.col.fore = 'green50' %] [*- END *] [* TAGS tt2 *]

Here's what your splash/config file currently looks like:

[% INSERT splash/config WRAPPER source %] [% END %]