Introducing our Geo Developers Blog

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We created the Google Maps API Blog in November 2005 to better connect with Google Maps API developers. At that time, Google Maps itself was still a young product. The blog offered timely and targeted announcements of interest to Maps API developers, as well as best practices and code samples. Fast forward to 2008, though, and the breadth of Google's geo-related developer tools has expanded dramatically. For some time now, we've been letting the Maps API Blog serve up info on much more than just the Maps API itself. There are posts on KML, Maps API for Flash, Static Maps, Mapplets, Google Earth, and many other geo-developer topics. It's become obvious that the title "Maps API Blog" just doesn't cut it anymore, so we've decided to launch a new blog in its place that welcomes all geo developers, not just Maps API developers. So stay tuned (on this channel) for the same kind of content you saw on the Maps API blog, but with a broader emphasis on all of Google's geo developer products (including the newly announced Google Earth API). You'll still be able to find and access past posts from the old blog at their existing URLs, but starting now, the main Maps API Blog URL will redirect here, to our shiny brand new home.