brian d foy

Feb 2004: I am on active duty with the United States Army and mostly away from the internet and any computer work until the summer of 2004. Andy Lester ( can take care of any Perl stuff I have. Randal Schwartz ( can take care of anything relating to my work with Stonehenge.


I have released many CPAN modules and scripts
I am a PAUSE admin
I muse about Perl in my use.perl journal
I write about general technology issues in my O'Reilly weblog RSS Atom
I publish The Perl Review
I teach Perl for Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc.
I wrote The CGI Meta FAQ and "How To Solve Any Perl Problem"


#"Die()-ing On The Web", The Perl Journal, issue 9
#"Benchmarking", The Perl Journal, issue 11
#"Creating a Perl Debugger", Dr. Dobbs Journal, Feb 2001
#"Profiling in Perl", Dr. Dobbs Journal, Mar 2001
#"Creating Perl Code Graphs", Dr. Dobbs Journal, Apr 2001
#"Tracking Perl Module Use", Dr. Dobbs Journal, May 2001
#"Code Coverage In Perl", Dr. Dobbs Journal, Jun 2001
#"Using the Perl Debugger", Dr. Dobbs Journal, Jul 2001
#"Design Patterns: Singletons", The Perl Review, Mar 2002
#"Design Patterns: Facades", The Perl Review, Jun 2002
#"Design Patterns: Iterators", The Perl Review, Sep 2002
#"Simple RSS with Perl", The Perl Review, Nov 2002
#*"Controlling iTunes with Perl", MacDevCenter, Nov 2002
#"Better Documenation Through Testing", The Perl Journal, Nov 2002
#"Ruby versus Perl", The Perl Journal, Dec 2002
#"Sharing Cookies", The Perl Journal, Jan 2003
*"Cleaning iTunes", MacDevCenter, Jan 2003
#" Wish Lists", The Perl Journal, Feb 2003
#"Creating Perl Application Distributions", The Perl Journal, Mar 2003
#"Google and Perl", The Perl Journal, May 2003
#"CPAN in the Desert", The Perl Journal, Jan 2004

Talks, Presentations & Interviews

#"CHTTP: A Verbose Web Agent", First Perl Conference, Aug 1997
#"Perl and the Internet", Columbia University, Aug 6, 1998
#Perl Monger Interview for (also in LinuxToday, Jan 14, 1999)
"The Open Source Movement", Columbia University, Mar 1999
#"Getting Started With Perl", COMDEX, Nov 16-17, 1999
"XML: What, Why, and How", Columbia University, Dec 8, 1999
#O'Reilly Network: "What Will Be in Perl 6?" Aug 2000
#Inter@ctive Week: "Developers To Polish New Perl", Jul 31, 2000
#Perl University 2000: "Perl 101", O'Reilly & Associates tutorial series, Oct 2000
!"Two way pagers as peer-to-peer devices", O'Reilly & Associates P2P Conference, Nov 2001
#"Practical Perl for Scientists", MarcusEvans BioInformatics '02, Jun 2002
#* "Programming Perl on Mac OS X", O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, Sep 2002


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