package Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf; use strict; use Dancer::Plugin; use base 'Dancer::Plugin'; use Dancer qw(:syntax); use Dancer::FileUtils; use File::stat; use File::Temp; use File::Which; our $VERSION = '0.22'; =head1 NAME Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf - easy Devel::NYTProf profiling for Dancer apps =head1 DESCRIPTION A plugin to provide easy profiling for Dancer applications, using the venerable L. By simply loading this plugin, you'll have the detailed, helpful profiling provided by Devel::NYTProf. Each individual request to your app is profiled. Going to the URL C in your app will present a list of profiles; selecting one will invoke C to generate the HTML reports (unless they already exist), then serve them up. B This is an early version of this code which is still in development. In general this isn't a plugin I'd advise to use in a production environment anyway, but in particular, it uses C to execute C, and I need to very carefully re-examine the code to make sure that user input cannot be used to nefarious effect. You are recommended to only use this in your development environment. =head1 CONFIGURATION The plugin will work by default without any configuration required - it will default to writing profiling data into a dir named C within your Dancer application's C, present profiling output at C (not yet configurable), and profile all requests. Below is an example of the options you can configure: plugins: NYTProf: profdir: '/tmp/profiledata' nytprofhtmlpath: '/usr/local/bin/nytprofhtml' More configuration (such as the URL at which output is produced, and options to control which requests get profiled) will be added in a future version. (If there's something you'd like to see soon, do contact me and let me know - it'll likely get done a lot quicker then!) =cut my $setting = plugin_setting; # Work out where nytprof_html is, or die with a sensible error my $nytprofhtml_path = $setting->{nytprofhtml_path} || File::Which::which('nytprofhtml') or die "Could not find nytprofhtml script. Ensure it's in your path, " . "or set the nytprofhtml_path option in your config."; # Need to load Devel::NYTProf at runtime after setting env var, as it will # insist on creating an nytprof.out file immediately - even if we tell it not to # start profiling. # Dirty workaround: get a temp file, then let Devel::NYTProf use that, with # addpid enabled so that it will append the PID too (so the filename won't # exist), load Devel::NYTProf, then unlink the file. # This is dirty, hacky shit that needs to die, but should make things work for # now. my $tempfh = File::Temp->new; my $file = $tempfh->filename; $tempfh = undef; # let the file get deleted $ENV{NYTPROF} = "start=no:file=$file"; require Devel::NYTProf; unlink $file; hook 'before' => sub { my $path = request->path; # Make sure that the directories we need to put profiling data in exist, # first: $setting->{profdir} ||= Dancer::FileUtils::path( setting('appdir'), 'nytprof' ); if (! -d $setting->{profdir}) { mkdir $setting->{profdir} or die "$setting->{profdir} does not exist and cannot create - $!"; } if (!-d Dancer::FileUtils::path($setting->{profdir}, 'html')) { mkdir Dancer::FileUtils::path($setting->{profdir}, 'html') or die "Could not create html dir."; } # Go no further if this request was to view profiling output: return if $path =~ m{^/nytprof}; return if $path =~ m{^/nytprof}; # Now, fix up the path into something we can use for a filename: $path =~ s{^/}{}; $path =~ s{/}{_s_}g; $path =~ s{[^a-z0-9]}{_}gi; # Start profiling, and let the request continue DB::enable_profile( Dancer::FileUtils::path($setting->{profdir}, "nytprof.out.$path.$$") ); }; hook 'after' => sub { DB::disable_profile(); DB::finish_profile(); }; get '/nytprof' => sub { opendir my $dirh, $setting->{profdir} or die "Unable to open profiles dir $setting->{profdir} - $!"; my @files = grep { /^nytprof\.out/ } readdir $dirh; closedir $dirh; # HTML + CSS here is a bit ugly, but I want this to be usable as a # single-file plugin that Just Works, without needing to copy over templates # / CSS etc. my $html = <NYTProf profile run list

Profile run list

Select a profile run output from the list to view the HTML reports as produced by Devel::NYTProf.

    LISTSTART for my $file (@files) { my $fullfilepath = Dancer::FileUtils::path($setting->{profdir}, $file); my $label = $file; $label =~ s{nytprof\.out\.}{}; $label =~ s{_s_}{/}g; $label =~ s{\.(\d+)$}{}; my $pid = $1; # refactor this crap my $created = scalar localtime( (stat $fullfilepath)->ctime ); $html .= qq{
  • $label} . qq{ (PID $pid, $created)
  • }; } $html .= <

    Generated by Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf v$VERSION

    LISTEND return $html; }; # Serve up HTML reports get '/nytprof/html/**' => sub { my ($path) = splat; send_file Dancer::FileUtils::path( $setting->{profdir}, 'html', map { _safe_filename($_) } @$path ), system_path => 1; }; get '/nytprof/:filename' => sub { my $profiledata = Dancer::FileUtils::path( $setting->{profdir}, _safe_filename(param('filename')) ); if (!-f $profiledata) { send_error 'not_found'; return "No such profile run found."; } # See if we already have the HTML for this run stored; if not, invoke # nytprofhtml to generate it # Right, do we already have generated HTML for this one? If so, use it my $htmldir = Dancer::FileUtils::path( $setting->{profdir}, 'html', _safe_filename(param('filename')) ); if (! -f Dancer::FileUtils::path($htmldir, 'index.html')) { # TODO: scrutinise this very carefully to make sure it's not # exploitable system($nytprofhtml_path, "--file=$profiledata", "--out=$htmldir"); if ($? == -1) { die "'$nytprofhtml_path' failed to execute: $!"; } elsif ($? & 127) { die sprintf "'%s' died with signal %d, %s coredump", $nytprofhtml_path,, ($? & 127), ($? & 128) ? 'with' : 'without'; } elsif ($? != 0) { die sprintf "'%s' exited with value %d", $nytprofhtml_path, $? >> 8; } } # Redirect off to view it: return redirect '/nytprof/html/' . param('filename') . '/index.html'; }; # Rudimentary security - remove any directory traversal or poison null # attempts. We're dealing with user input here, and if they're a sneaky # bastard, they could convince us to send a file we shouldn't, or have # nytprofhtml write its output to somewhere it shouldn't. We don't want that. sub _safe_filename { my $filename = shift; $filename =~ s/\\//g; $filename =~ s/\0//g; $filename =~ s/\.\.//g; $filename =~ s/[\/]//g; return $filename; } =head1 AUTHOR David Precious, C<< >> =head1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Stefan Hornburg (racke) Neil Hooey (nhooey) =head1 BUGS Please report any bugs or feature requests at L. =head1 CONTRIBUTING This module is developed on GitHub: L Bug reports, suggestions and pull requests all welcomed! =head1 SEE ALSO L L L =head1 LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT Copyright 2011 David Precious. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License. See for more information. =cut 1; # Sam Kington didn't like that this said "End of Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf", # as it's fairly obvious. So, just for Sam's pleasure, # "It's the end of the world as we know it!" ... or something.