Markdown inside code blocks




test emphasis (span)
test emphasis (span)

test emphasis (block)

More complicated

* this is not a list item
* this is not a list item
  • this is a list item

With indent

This text is no code block: if it was, the closing <div> would be too and the HTML block would be invalid.

Markdown content in HTML blocks is assumed to be indented the same as the block opening tag.

This should be the third paragraph after the header.

Code block with rogue </div>s in Markdown code span and block

This is a code block however:


Funny isn't it? Here is a code span: </div>.

Some text

This is a code block.

No code block in markdown span mode

This is not a code block since Markdown parse paragraph content as span. Code spans like </p> are allowed though.

Hello world

Preserving attributes and tags on more than one line:

Some span content.

Header confusion bug

Hello World! ============ Hello World!