use Test::More; use strict; use Pod::POM; use Pod::POM::View::HTML::Filter; plan skip_all => "Don't know perl" unless Pod::POM::View::HTML::Filter->know( 'perl' ); $Pod::POM::DEFAULT_VIEW = Pod::POM::View::HTML::Filter->new; plan tests => 2; # a test for Perl::Tidy in conjuction with Get::Long::Configure # the bug was corrected in perltidy-20060614 use Getopt::Long; Getopt::Long::Configure("bundling"); my $str; my $parser = Pod::POM->new(); my $pom = $parser->parse_text("=begin filter perl\n\n \$A++\n\n=end filter") || diag $parser->error; eval { $str = "$pom" }; is( $str, <<'EOH', "Correct output" );
EOH is($@, '', "No error when Getopt::Long::Configure called");