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MKDoc is a web site content management system that has been designed to make the creation of usable, accessible, semantically rich and valid web sites as easy as possible.

MKDoc provides different ways for the public to interact with and navigate between documents including a sitemap, search facility, Dublin Core RDF metadata for documents and printer versions of pages.

All management of an MKDoc web site, document creation, editing and organising is done via a standard web browser. This site has been created using MKDoc. The look of an MKDoc web site is controlled using templates.

Additional features of MKDoc are documented in the features section of this site.

Extensive help for users of MKDoc is available, explaining how to login, create and edit documents on an MKDoc website.

Try it

If you would like to play with MKDoc, you can sign up for an account on the testers site. If you would like to evaluate MKDoc on your own server please visit the MKDoc download site.

Buy it

Buy a hosted solution

Fully managed solutions, including domain name registration, email forwarding and template design, are available from

Buy a MKDoc Server License

Once MKDoc is installed on to a server then it is possible to use the software to serve multiple discrete web sites. (Please check the basic server requirements on the MKDoc download site).

We offer 3 different licenses each of which includes email support and software upgrades for one year:

  • Single Web Site License - 800 Euros
  • 10 Web Site License - 4000 Euros - installation included
  • CPU License (unlimited number of web sites) - 8000 Euros - installation included

If you wish to purchase a license please email with your requirements.

Latest Documents

The latest news about MKDoc developments:

MKDoc version 1.4
MKDoc 1.4. has been released. It features Unicode support, HTTP authentication and a brand new photo component.
Booth Centre website launched
The Booth Centre, a charity for homeless people in Manchester, UK, launched their new website today, it runs MKDoc.
Laptop Challenge - the first multi-lingual MKDoc site
Tomorrow the Laptops in the Community Challenge event will start and MKDoc will be used to author web content in multiple languages during the event.
MKDoc in Japanese
The latest version of MKDoc now has full Unicode / UTF-8 support and a Japanese translation is underway.
MKDoc in Punjabi
Some early development screen shots of a UTF-8 development version MKDoc with Punjabi templates.
MKDoc version 1.2
MKDoc 1.2 has just been added to the downloads site. It has new features, better speed and bug-fixes. Be sure to check it out!

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