Parley - Quick Start Guide

This is a quick guide to getting Parley running on a machine using the Catalyst testing/development server.

NOTE v0.51 has missing dependencies in Makefile.PL. Save yourself some pain and fetch v0.52 or later.

Initial Installation

mkdir -p ~/development
cd ~/development

tar -zxvf Parley-0.52.tar.gz
cd Parley-0.52/

perl Makefile.PL
# install missing dependencies
# 'sudo make' may work here

# you may need to tweak pg_hba.conf
## local all parley trust
## host  all parley trust
sudo -u postgres createuser -A -d parley
createdb -U parley -E UTF8 parley
psql -U parley -d parley -f db/parley.psql


If you're running Parley out of the box it should Just Work.

One problem can sometimes be with the database connection. If you find you can't connect, make sure you've correctly configured pg_hba.conf and that the Model::ParleyDB section in parley.yml appears sane for your setup.

Running the Server


Ubuntu Users

There are others, but these are the key packages I'd recommend installing with "sudo aptitude install ..."