Frequently Asked Questions

This page should answer common queries and problems. If it doesn't you're just being difficult *wink*

General Questions

  1. Does the world need another piece of forum/message board software?
    Possibly not. This is a personal quest for me. If it's useful to someone else that's even better.
    I've always thought that the Perl landscape was missing a well-written and functional forum application.
    Add to that the emergence of the Catalyst framework and a desire to explore the benefits of this project and you've got Parley.

Technical Questions

  1. What software does this forum run on?
    The core elements of the application are: Perl, PostgreSQL and Template Toolkit. These elements are all tied together using the Catalyst framework.
  2. PostgreSQL?! What about MySQL, SQLite, ...?
    I prefer PostgreSQL. I don't have the time or energy to make the application compatible with everyone's preferred database. I'll happily accept patches that don't break the application's coupling with PostgreSQL.
  3. How do I get my own copy?
    You can download releases of Parley from Berlios. Just visit the Parley Project Page.
  4. How much does it cost?
    Other than your time and effort, it's free. The project has been written and released under the Artistic License.
  5. Why is it taking you so long?
    Parley is my "commuting project". Ninety-five percent of the work on the project has taken place on my commute to work. That's two forty-five minute train journeys [it's really hard to operate a laptop whilst cycling the remainder of the journey!] each day!