NAME - creates bulkload SQL for input data


  # convert XML to IText -l person file1.xml file2.xml
  # use a custom parser/generator and a custom writer/generator -p MyMod::MyParser file.txt


Creates bulkload SQL statements for an input file

Works only with certain kinds of schemas, where the FK relations make a tree (not a graph); i.e. the only FKs are to the parent

You do not need a connection to the DB

It is of no use for incremental loading - it assumes integer surrogate promary keys and starts these from 1


-p|parser FORMAT
FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module

xml assumed as default

-l|loadrecord NODE
adds a COMMIT statement after the INSERTs for this node


the Data::Stag manpage

the DBIx::DBStag manpage