CPAN Creating CPAN modules #4

With Module::Starter

$ module-starter 
    module-starter [options]


        --module=module  Module name (required, repeatable)
        --distro=name    Distribution name (optional)
        --dir=dirname    Directory name to create new module in (optional)

        --builder=module Build with 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker' or 'Module::Build'
        --eumm           Same as --build=ExtUtils::MakeMaker
        --mb             Same as --build=Module::Build

        --author=name    Author's name (required)
        --email=email    Author's email (required)
        --license=type   License under which the module will be distributed
                         (default is the same license as perl)

        --verbose        Print progress messages while working
        --force          Delete pre-existing files if needed

        --help           Show this message


        module-starter --module=Foo::Bar,Foo::Bat \
            --author="Andy Lester"
Copyright © 2005 José Castro