INSTALL - How to install and configure DBD::cubrid


  perl Makefile.PL [options]
  make install


This document describes the installation and configuration of DBD::cubrid, the Perl DBI driver for the CUBRID database. Before reading on, make sure that you have the prerequisites available: Perl, CUBRID and DBI. For details see the separate section. PREREQUISITES.

Depending on your version of Perl, it might be possible to use a binary distribution of DBD::CUBRID. If possible, this is recommended. Otherwise you need to install from the sources. If so, you will definitely need a C compiler. Installation from sources is described in separate section. SOURCE INSTALLATION.



Preferrably a version of Perl, that comes preconfigured with your system. For example, all Linux and FreeBSD distributions come with Perl. For Windows, ActivePerl is recommended, see for details.


You need not install the actual CUBRID database management system. You can download CUBRID here. If you want to install from source code an build it, see How to Download CUBRID Source Code and Build it for details.


DBD::cubrid is a DBI driver, hence you need DBI. It is available from the same source where you got the DBD::mysql distribution from.

C compiler

A C compiler is only required, if you install from source. In most cases there are binary distributions of DBD::cubrid available. However, if you need a C compiler, make sure, that it is the same C compiler that was used for compiling Perl and CUBRID. Otherwise you will almost definitely encounter problems because of differences in the underlying C runtime libraries.

In the worst case, this might mean to compile Perl and CUBRID yourself. But believe me, experience shows that a lot of problems are fixed this way


So you need to install from sources. If you are lucky, the Perl module CPAN will do all for you. Otherwise you will need to do a manual installation. Some of you, in particular system administrators of multiple sites, will choose automatic installation. All of these installation types have an own section. CPAN installation. Manual installation.

CPAN installation

Installation of DBD::cubrid can be incredibly easy:

  install DBD::cubrid

If you are using the CPAN module for the first time, just answer the questions by accepting the defaults which are fine in most cases. If you are using an older version of Perl, you might instead need a

  perl -MCPAN -e shell
  install DBD::cubrid

If you cannot get the CPAN module working, you might try manual installation.

Manual installation

For a manual installation you need to fetch the DBD::cubrid source distribution. The latest version is always available from

The name is typically something like


The archive needs to be extracted. On Windows you may use a tool like WinZip, on Unix you type

  tar zxvf DBD-cubrid-X.X.X.tar.gz

This will create a subdirectory DBD-cubrid-X.X.X. Enter this subdirectory and type

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test

(On Windows you may need to replace ``make'' with ``nmake'' or ``dmake''.) If the tests seem to look fine, you may continue with

  make install


Finally, if everything else fails, you are not alone. First of all, for an immediate answer, you should look into the archives of the mailing list for archive locations.

If you don't find an appropriate posting and reply in the mailing list, please post a question. Typically a reply will be seen within one or two days.