Perl Power Tools: Unix Reconstruction Project

The legacy continues!

Welcome to the Unix Reconstruction Project. Our goal is quite simply to reimplement the classic Unix command set in pure Perl, and to have as much fun as we can doing so.

Download Information

You can download the huge current tree in standard gzipped tar format, but be warned: it's large right now, because it contains a lot of documentation, datafiles, and extra bits. You can also look at individual commands in list or table format.

Casey West, Project Manager.
Sean Dague, Project Manager (emeritus).
Tom Christiansen, Project Manager (emeritus).

Note: This has nothing to do with a Microsoft product that makes files whose names end in ".ppt". Please don't send me any more mail about it. :-) For a way to make slides using Perl rather than proprietary products, read the notice or download the kit. This simple system uses pod to make slides, and from that create html, troff, and postscript. It is not part of Perl Power Tools, Powerpoint, or anything else. :-) It's also rather rough.