=encoding ISO8859-1 =head1 NAME GvaScript.ChoiceList - Dropdown list of choices with navigation =head1 SYNOPSIS var choiceList = new GvaScript.ChoiceList(["foo", "bar", "buz"]); choiceList.fillContainer($('myChoiceDiv')); =head1 DESCRIPTION Displays a list of "choices", handles navigation in those choices, and generates events when a choice is highlighted, then selected, or when the list display is cancelled. At any moment the choiceList is bound to maximum one "container", and highlights exactly one choice in the list. =head1 BEHAVIOUR Once a choice list is displayed, the user can move the mouse over the list, thus highlighting various choices; then click on the highlighted choice to select it. Alternatively, the user can navigate the list with keys C, C, C, C, and then use either C (for selecting) or C (for cancelling). =head1 CONSTRUCTOR var choiceList = new GvaScript.ChoiceList(choices, options); =head2 Choices The choice list must be an array. Each item in the list is either =over =item a plain string this string will be displayed in the choice list =item an inline object this object is supposed to have a C