# Original authors: don # $Revision: 1599 $ =pod =head1 NAME XML::Parser::Wrapper::Changes - List of significant changes to XML::Parser::Wrapper =head1 CHANGES =head2 Version 0.15 =over 4 =item Added C to the prerequisites in F to fix automated testing failure =back =head2 Version 0.14 =over 4 =item Added new methods C and C. =item Created F file from entries in F. =back =head2 Version 0.13 =over 4 =item Change formatting in documentation. =item Added method to output jsonML, but, it's not fully tested so it's not documented =back =head2 Version 0.12 =over 4 =back =head2 Version 0.11 =over 4 =item Added methods to update attributes and text nodes =item Added methods to remove child nodes. =back =head2 Version 0.10 =over 4 =item Documented the C method. =item Fixed issues with attributes when using SAX parsers =item split C into C and C =back =head2 Version 0.09 =over 4 =back =head2 Version 0.08 =over 4 =item C now returns a reusable object if no parameters are passed =item added an escape for single quote => ' =back =head2 Version 0.07 =over 4 =item new method C =item new method C =back =head2 Version 0.06 =over 4 =item new method C/C =item new method C =back =head2 Version 0.05 =over 4 =item got rid of warning when calling C<$node-Ekid_if($name)-Etext> when the child node does not exist =back =head2 Version 0.04 =over 4 =item new methods C and C =back =head2 Version 0.03 =over 4 =item new method =item new C =back =head2 Version 0.02 =over 4 =item new method C =item take optional parameter to C to return the first child element with the given name =item take optional parameter to to return a list of child elements with the given name =back =cut 1;