CHANGES for makehomeidx MM/DD/YY =========================================================================== 01/02/96 (1.1.1) o Fixed bug where no links were created if the -incfile option was NOT specified. =========================================================================== 11/22/95 (1.1.0) o Added the -incfile option for the ability to only check specified users for home pages. o Added the -excfile option for the ability to exclude specific users from being indexed. o If the -title string contains HTML tags, the tags are stripped out for the TITLE element, but preserved for the H1 element. o makehomeidx is now detects if the TITLE element is defined in the file specified by -header. If so, makehomeidx will *ignore* the -title argument and not insert the , , , and

tags. It is up to the header file to include them. o If a or tag exists in the -footer file, makehomeidx will not insert those tags in the output file. =========================================================================== 07/21/94 (1.0.1) o If '-' is specified as the passwd file via the -passwd option, makehomeidx will read the passwd file from standard input. Useful if passwd file is obtained via NIS. Example: % ypcat passwd | makehomeidx -passwd - homepages.html =========================================================================== Earl Hood,