perlSGML is a collection of Perl programs and libraries for processing SGML documents. The following software is available in the perlSGML distribution:

dtd2html1.5.1 - Create HTML files to navigate, and document a DTD
dtddiff1.2.1 - List changes in a DTD
dtdtree1.3.1 - Output content hierarchies of elements
dtdview0.5.1 - Interactively query a DTD
stripsgml2.0.0 - Strip tags from a document instance

Libraries (Perl 4)
dtd.pl2.4.1 - DTD parser
sgml.pl1.0.0 - Simple document instance parser

Modules (Perl 5)
SGML::DTD0.02 - DTD parser
SGML::EntMan0.01 - Entity manager
SGML::FSI0.04 - Formal System Indentifiers
SGML::ISO88590.01 - ISO 8859 character set routines
SGML::Opt0.02 - Command-line option parsing
SGML::Parser0.11 - Document instance parser
SGML::SOCat0.02 - SGML Open Catalog parser
SGML::StripParser0.01 - Remove tags from document instances
SGML::Util0.04 - General utility routines


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