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This module is BETA code, which means that the interfaces are fairly stable BUT it has not been out in the community long enough to guarantee much testing. Use with caution! Please report any errors back to eryq@zeegee.com as soon as you can.


MIME::Parser::Reader - a line-oriented reader for a MIME::Parser


This module is used internally by MIME::Parser; you probably don't need to be looking at it at all. But just in case...

    ### Create a top-level reader, where chunks end at EOF:
    $rdr = MIME::Parser::Reader->new();
    ### Spawn a child reader, where chunks also end at a boundary:
    $subrdr = $rdr->spawn->add_boundary($bound);
    ### Spawn a child reader, where chunks also end at a given string:
    $subrdr = $rdr->spawn->add_terminator($string);
    ### Read until boundary or terminator:
    $subrdr->read_chunk($in, $out);


A line-oriented reader which can deal with virtual end-of-stream defined by a collection of boundaries.

Warning: this is a private class solely for use by MIME::Parser. This class has no official public interface

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