by Fabrizio Pivari

version 2.1 1997/06/19

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After saving your Graph you can use the gif to create a graph Texture Map in VRML.

Source Code

You can also find the source code at CPAN authors/Fabrizio_Pivari/

With version 2.0 in the source code you can find a CGI-BIN program with the same features of the PERL script

Usage for the stand alone script

graphmaker [-options ...]

where options include:
    -help                        print out this message
    -conf  file                  the configuration file (default graphmaker.cnf)
If you want to change the default parameters you have to edit graphmaker.cnf (de fault) or you can to use other configuration file using the option [-conf file]

These are the parameters that you can change in graphmaker.cnf

# Configure the value of the variables
# It's better if $MAXVALUE -$MINVALUE is a $NUMBERYCELLGRIDESIZE divisible
# number
# both 96 or 1996 are correct
# Remember 0 is January, 1 February ...
YEAR: 96
#($MONTH,$YEAR) = (localtime(time))[4,5];
# input file in the form
# day:number
Data: ./graphmaker.dat
# output gif
Graph: ./graphmaker.gif
# $Bar: 1 Bar Diagram
Bar: 1
# $Average: 1 for Average Line
Average: 1
#$Title: Graph Maker 2.1
Title: ENI: Milan Stock Exchange
# Colour
# Default Transparent Background: yes
Transparent: no
# Background RGB Colour: 255,255,255
Rbgcolour: 0
Gbgcolour: 255
Bbgcolour: 255
# Foreground RGB Colour: 0,0,0
Rfgcolour: 0
Gfgcolour: 0
Bfgcolour: 0
# Default line or bar RGB Colour: 0,0,255
Rcolour: 0
Gcolour: 0
Bcolour: 255
# Average colour
Racolour: 255
Gacolour: 255
Bacolour: 0