Simple Magic Square checker and gif maker

by Fabrizio Pivari

version 4.2 1997/06/19

Magic square elements (each separated by Default is blank):

(Note: you can use letter and negative numbers.)


Skip blanks
Magic Square gif
Magic Square table
Magic Square check (Semimagic Square, Magic Square, Panmagic Square with Magic Constant = n(n2+1)/2 or different)


Transparent Background
Background Colour in RGB mode
Foreground Colour in RGB mode
Utilty from Palette to RGB

Press to submit your query.

NOTE! If the gif isn't correct you have to repost the form data with the button Reload.

The option Magic Square check for normal Magic Square (1,2,...N) now generate the gif of Magic Line (a line that connects every number form 1 to N)

After saving your Magic Square you can use the gif to create a magic square Texture Map in VRML.

Examples made with this tool

Source Code

You can also find the source code at CPAN authors/Fabrizio_Pivari/

From version 4.0 in the source code you can find a PERL program with the same features of this CGI-BIN script

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