Here it starts with some HTML Text

First of all assign a value:
Now we have some 'Umlaute': Now lets look what we are getting from this:
(this is the value in $a) (this is the value in $a) äöüäöü???<&+
What is the EscMode? 7 Let's set the EscMode to 3 What is the EscMode now? 3 Now a Url: Here it goes A Tag 2: a2 A Tag 3: a3 A Tag 4: a4 A Tag 5: a5 A Tag 6: a6 A Tag 7: x A Tag 8: x A Tag 9: x A Tag 10: x A Tag 11: x A Tag 12: x A Tag 12b: x A Tag 13: x A Tag 14: x FRAME: IFRAME: