Perl Module to deal with Windows Shortcut
Version 0.03 (07 Apr 1997)
by Aldo Calpini (


This module implements the Win32 IShellLink Interface to allow management of shortcut files from Perl.


This program is FREE; you can redistribute, modify, disassemble, or even reverse engineer this software at your will. Keep in mind, however, that NOTHING IS GUARANTEED to work and everything you do is AT YOUR OWN RISK - I will not take responsability for any damage, loss of money and/or health that may arise from the use of this program!

This is distributed under the terms of Larry Wall's Artistic License.


Thanks to: Jesse Dougherty, Dave Roth, ActiveWare, and the Perl-Win32-Users community.

Version History

0.03 (07 Apr 1997) 0.02 (21 Jan 1997) 0.01 (15 Jan 1997) 0.01a (10 Jan 1997)

Installation Instructions

  1. Run the INSTALL.BAT program.

  2. Run the TEST.PL script to see if everything works

  3. Have fun.

08 Apr 1997, Aldo Calpini <>