The full list of possible DSLIP options are:
D - Development Stage (Note: *NO IMPLIED TIMESCALES*)
i  -  Idea, listed to gain consensus or as a placeholder
c  -  Under construction but pre-alpha (not yet released)
a  -  Alpha testing
b  -  Beta testing
R  -  Released
M  -  Mature (no rigorous definition)
S  -  Standard, supplied with Perl 5
S - Support Level
m  -  Mailing-list
d  -  Developer
u  -  Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.perl.modules
n  -  None known, try comp.lang.perl.modules
a  -  Abandoned, the module has been abandoned by its author
L - Language Used
p  -  Perl-only, no compiler needed, should be platform independent
c  -  C and perl, a C compiler will be needed
h  -  Hybrid, written in perl with optional C code, no compiler needed
+  -  C++ and perl, a C++ compiler will be needed
o  -  perl and another language other than C or C++
I - Interface Style
f  -  plain Functions, no references used
h  -  hybrid, object and function interfaces available
n  -  no interface at all (huh?)
r  -  some use of unblessed References or ties
O  -  Object oriented using blessed references and/or inheritance
P - Public License
p  -  Standard-Perl: user may choose between GPL and Artistic
g  -  GPL: GNU General Public License
l  -  LGPL: "GNU Lesser General Public License" (previously known as "GNU Library General Public License")
b  -  BSD: The BSD License
a  -  Artistic license alone
o  -  other (but distribution allowed without restrictions)

DISCLAIMER: The status of the Public License field is there for informational purpose only and does not constitute a legal binding of any kind. To obtain proper information about the Licencing terms of a module and its accompanying files, please refer to the distribution of the modules or contact the author as appropriate. Please inform if you encounter any mismatch between the contents of the Public License field and what the distribution actually says about it.