Internet extension for Win32 PERL
Version 0.08 (14 Feb 1997)
by Aldo Calpini (


This extension to Perl implements the Win32 Internet APIs (found in WININET.DLL). They give a complete support for HTTP, FTP and GOPHER connections.

See the Version History and the Functions Table for a list of the currently supported features. You should also get a copy of the Microsoft Win32 Internet Functions documentation.


This program is FREE; you can redistribute, modify, disassemble, or even reverse engineer this software at your will. Keep in mind, however, that NOTHING IS GUARANTEED to work and everything you do is AT YOUR OWN RISK - I will not take responsability for any damage, loss of money and/or health that may arise from the use of this program!

This is distributed under the terms of Larry Wall's Artistic License.


Win32::Internet is based on the Win32::Registry code written by Jesse Dougherty.
Additional thanks to:
Carl Tichler for his help in the initial development; Tore Haraldsen, Brian Helterline for the bugfixes; Dave Roth for his great source code examples.

Version History

0.08 (14 Feb 1997) 0.07 (10 Feb 1997) 0.06 (26 Jan 1997) 0.05f (29 Nov 1996) 0.05 (29 Nov 1996) 0.04 (25 Nov 1996) 0.02 (18 Nov 1996) 0.01 (11 Nov 1996)

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have somewhere in your Windows directory the file WININET.DLL: it comes with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or it can be downloaded from

  2. Run the INSTALL.BAT program.

  3. Run the TEST.PL script to see if everything works.

  4. Have fun.

10 Feb 1997, Aldo Calpini <>