CodeKit Code Description Methods

These methods return a single code description value.

Display Methods

These display methods all perform htmlspecialchars($code_desc) on the code descriptions that they return. This translates ( & < " > ) into ( &amp; &lt; &quot; &gt; ) so that the actual characters will show on html pages.


$code_desc = $codekit->desc($code_set, $code_code);

desc() gets a code description from the code set encoded for html display.


$Code_desc = $codekit->ucfirst($code_set, $code_code);

Same as desc(), but returns the First word capitalized.


$Code_Desc = $codekit->ucwords($code_set, $code_code);

Same as desc(), but returns Each Word Capitalized.

Data Method

These display methods return the raw code description value, not encoded for html display. This can be useful if a description contains html markup that you want rendered as markup! Or if you just want the straight data.


$code_desc = $codekit->data($code_set, $code_code);

This returns the exact code description requested.