CodeKit PHP Source Code Setup

Read the Overview and the Code Table Setup pages first.

The CodeKit PHP source code is in the php directory:

    CodeKit.php        - CodeKit class definition.
    ck_admin.php       - Setup for  - CodeKit Administration page.     - Database connection setup.
    ck_demo.php        - CodeKit demo page.
    regression.test    - Regression test.
CodeKit requires the PEAR DB library or phplib.

1. Database Schema and Core Record Loading

Read and follow directions for Code Table Setup.

Load and test the ck_code table schema definition as well as the core data records. If you want to run the demo load the demo data records.

2. Database Connection Setup

Customize the file to open a database handle to your database. If your application setup has already opened a database handle, use that handle instead of opening a new one. The handle should be set up to autocommit. is used by ck_admin.php, ck_demo.php and by regression.test.

3. CodeKit.php Installation

Copy the CodeKit.php file into a directory on your php include_path so that your application code can require it.

Run regression.test on the basic CodeKit class functions. This will fail unless you have completed the above steps!

4. CodeKit Administration Page Setup

You may wish to customize the ck_admin.php file to your situation:
  • Require and open a CodeKit handle.
  • Set the $perm_add, $perm_upd and $perm_del global variables. These let the user add, update and delete codes.
  • Define the cka_sess_url() function. Customize this if you are carrying session identifiers in your urls.
  • Require and call the cka_admin_main() function.
It is fine to make multiple copies of ck_admin.php to set up different permissions for different classes of users.

5. Demo Page Setup

In order for the demo page to function, you will need to load the demo data records.