This README file regards Ms Access users and here is information you need to get Ms Access up!

   Before you can use Access DB you may need to install some standart modules:
First you need
DBI (On most systems that module is already installed!), also you need DBD-ODBC
After successful installation you have to configure your DSN (Data Source Name):

 Run your DSN setup program and enter new data source name and select location of database (choose file: webtoolsdb.mdb found into webtools/db directory). Also set user and password:


NOTE: You can create your own database and/or tables, but you must make corrections where is needful (i.e. in! If you want to create new database, you should look structure of webtoolsdb.mdb (be careful: copy all properties from my blank database, or use empty one located into webtools/db/structures). After DB creation, copy new database into webtools/db directory.

Database is now ready, and you need to configure follow section of '':

$webtools::projectname = 'webtools';     # Name of project! (be careful what exacly you write here!)

$webtools::db_support = 'db_access';     # Driver for MS ACCESS
$webtools::sql_host = 'localhost';             # Your address to SQL server.
$webtools::sql_port = '3306';                     # Your port of SQL server.
$webtools::sql_user = 'webtools_user';   # Don't forget user
$webtools::sql_pass = 'its_password';     # and password!
$webtools::mysqlbequiet = '1';                   # MySQL be QUIET?

$webtools::sql_database_sessions = $webtools::projectname.'db';       # Database Source Name (your DSN)
$webtools::sql_sessions_table = $webtools::projectname.'_sessions'; # Session table.
$webtools::sql_user_table = $webtools::projectname.'_users';               # Contain all users (and admin too).

Evrything is ok. Now you can run your tests/examples...enjoy!