ars_GetListGroup(ctrl, userName=NULL, password=NULL)

Fetch information about the available groups on a server, optionally restricting the list to a particular username/password combination.

If you do not specify the userName string, the call requires Administrator privilleges and it returns all groups on the system. If you do specify the userName, only the groups that the userName belongs to are returned. The password string is optional; and is used to further specify the user. This is because on pre-7.0 Remedy servers more than one user with the same login name can exist.

See also: GetListGroup Hash Values.

On success
Returns a HASH.
On failure
Returns undef.


	($a = ars_GetListGroup($ctrl)) || 
die "$ars_errstr";

See for another, more detailed example the script in the examples directory of the ARSperl distribution.
ars_GetListGroup was introduced in version 1.5 of ARSperl

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