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Configure the make call

PerlPointCD configurations are mostly done by makefile macros. As usual with make, those macros can be modified in the makefile or overwritten by assignments passed to make.

Here is a list of the available settings.

PERLthe command to invoke perl
PPCDthe directory of PerlPointCD tools, usually PerlPointCD
PREPAREthe directory of user preparations, usually prepare
BUILDthe directory to build the CD in, usually build
STYLESthe root directory of PerlPoint styles (or layouts), usually ${PREPARE}/styles
DEFAULTSthe directory of defaults, usually ${PREPARE}/defaults
IMAGESRCDIRthe directory to find images in when parsing the PerlPoint sources, relative to the tool start directory, usually ${BUILD}/images
IMAGEREFDIRthe directory to display images from in generated pages, relative to the CD root, usually images
DATAthe base directory of the talk directory structure, usually ${BUILD}/data
CONFERENCEthe title of the current workshop, used when building links to the workshop startup page in author and module index entries
PROJECTthe base name of the PerlPointCD script, demo-cd in this distribution
TITLEthe title displayed in generated pages
TOCTITLEthe title of the TOC page, usually "Contents"
CDAUTHORMAILthe mail address of the conference organizers, stored in generated meta tags
CDDESCRIPTIONCD description string, stored in generated meta tags
CDINITIALURLinitial startup URL of the CD - used when linking to the startup page and only working if the CD is installed on a Webserver, usually /index.html
CDSTARTURLCD start URL (including server name), used when generating validation links 
TALKSTYLEORDERtalk style order configuration
INITFILEinitial PerlPoint file to declare macros, variables, code etc. available to all team members and contributing speakers
INTROTITLEtitle of the optional intro page 
INTROFILEan optional intro page 
IMPRESSUMan optional impressum 
IMPORTFILTERDIRdirectory of pluggable import filters 
IMPORTORDERthe order alternative formats should be taken into account if a PerlPoint source is missing (e.g. if author.pod or should be chosen if there is no author.pp, both files exist and filters were defined for both)
DEFAULT_LANGUAGEconfigures the default language of generated texts
CHECKLOGthe logfile written in check mode, overwritten by each checking call
CHECKDATAa data file used in check mode, overwritten by each checking call
TRACEPerlPoint trace level, see the documentation of pp2html for details
INDEXREL_READDEPTHindex based cross references: number of sublevels to be searched for index entries on referencing pages, defaults to full
INDEXREL_RELDEPTHindex based cross references: number of sublevels to be taken into account on referenced pages, defaults to full
INDEXREL_THRESHOLDindex based cross references: threshold, defaults to 20%

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