Template::TT2Site needs to be installed before it can be used. You can do this by unpacking the kit it in an arbitrary location, and issue the following commands:

  perl Build.PL
  Build install

Note that the last command requires write access to your local Perl installtion.

Alternatively, you can use the CPAN or CPANPLUS tools to install Template::TT2Site for you.

When Template::TT2Site is installed, it will put the following information in your perl install tree:

  Template/TT2Site.pm  -- the module
  Template/TT2Site/    -- the TT2Site library

When the tt2site tool is run, it will use the standard perl search path @INC to locate this information.

Should it be necessary to install or use multiple versions of Template::TT2Site, you can move the TT2Site module and library to an arbitrary location, and set the environment variable TT2SITE_LIB to this location.

For example, the following Bash shell commands will move your current Template::TT2Site kit to location /opt/tt2site-1.01:

  $ mkdir /opt/mytt2site-1.01
  $ export TT2SITE_LIB=/opt/mytt2site-1.01
  $ mkdir $TT2SITE_LIB/Template
  $ mv Template/TT2Site* $TT2SITE_LIB/Template

The tt2site tool is intended to be independent of the actual version of Template::TT2Site used.