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Alleged Boardwalk Mugging

Crime and the Police in PE

www.MyPE.co.za: I do not know what it is about me, but I am a true blue, dyed in the wool cynic. Many emails cross my screen purporting to increase my sexual prowess, girth and stamina. In addition there are innumerable friendly persons out there who recognise my financial lightness and want to increase the strength of my bank account. And, of course there are the mails that have just that right touch of authenticity that circulate. A recent example was the kidnapping of young girls in preparation for the expected increase in sexual demands by sweaty paedophile footballer supporters.

All of them touch familiar buttons; young victims, black criminals and near death. Just enough salaciousness and fear is injected into these urban legends so as to get Mommy sufficiently indignant to pushe that cc button again and again as she spreads the latest juicy gossip.

What is it about a computer and email that makes people believe everything that they read without question? But, tell them that it is raining outside and they will check. As a consequence I get sent many mails for the once over and received one today that has just the right ingredients for a juicy drama; The Boardwalk, youngsters, mugging, touching of a young girl, near death and praise for the police. The email received, titled "BOARDWALK" follows:


The Boardwalk is no longer a good idea for teenagers who have now become the soft targets of lawless thugs. Apparently the younger group like going here for the movies and then to Milky Lane afterwards. I have always seen the place as reasonably safe ivo the good security and the fact that it is well maintained and well lit up at night. After this story I will not be allowing my 14 year old daughter anywhere near there in the evening.

My friend has a 15 year old daughter who, with her 17 year boyfriend went to the Boardwalk on Saturday night to see a movie. At 10.30pm they were waiting for a lift at the entrance on the beachfront side. When they got there there were quite a few people around them but then they suddenly became aware that there were three black men armed with a knife and a gun standing in front of them demanding money and cell phones. My friend's 15 year old daughter was "body searched" by one of the robbers--he had his hands in her clothing and up her skirt. They then turned their attention to the 17 year old boyfriend who attempted to put up a fight--he ended up with slash across the neck from the knife--fortunately not too deep to be fatal but very bloody. The one robber was then heard to say to the other with the gun: "No, don't shoot them..." They then ran off.

The police arrived promptly but could not apprehend the robbers so the perpetrators are still out there. My friend feels that the children got off lightly --her daughter could have been raped and both the teenagers murdered. Imagine having a knock at your door at 11pm at night and finding two policemen on your doorstep escorting two shocked young teenagers with blood all over their clothing--this is what my friend saw last Saturday night.

Please pass this story on to the parents in your circle so that this does not happen to one of their children. I am sending to everyone that I can think of that has teenage (or close to) children.

Lesley Corlett

A legitimate concern is the normal person's reaction. BUT, you are not dealing with normal when I am concerned. I hate unsubstantiated rumours.

First off I tried to get hold of Lesley Corlett in the Telephone Book and at 1023 - surprise, surprise, no listings.

Then I phoned the Boardwalk and spoke to Steve Taylor who said; "We have been in contact with Humewood Police who have no record of any mugging taking place on Saturday night." Shaun van Eck, Marketing Manager of the Boardwalk had the following to say; "The Boardwalk security has no record of any mugging at the Marine Drive entrance to The Boardwalk on Saturday evening, June 23. We would welcome any further information on the alleged incident. The Boardwalk prides itself in providing a safe and secure environment for all our guests."

Summerstrand Ward Councillor, Lesley Lowe had no knowledge of the email or incident but happened to be in a meeting with Superintendent Solani of the Humewood Police who requested a faxed copy of the email in order that he may investigate further and revert.

Let us have a look at the alleged incident a little bit more in depth:

  • The incident allegedly took place at Marine Drive entrance to the Boardwalk and I can only surmise that it was on Marine Drive and NOT within the Boardwalk premises.
  • Who phoned the police if the couple's cellphones were stolen?
  • I do not let my 15 year old son wait for me in and public area, let alone cavort at any entertainment area at 10:30 p.m. I do not expect any well meaning and caring parent to display such a callous disregard for their child.
  • The safest place to wait is at the entrance closest to the movies and Milky Lane, so why did they walk all the way to the other entrance for their lift after going to Milky Lane?
  • They have cellphones, easy enough for Mommy or Daddy to phone the young couple, and, when Mommy or Daddy enters through the 2nd Avenue entrance to phone their young charges and request them to wait in a pre-designated pick-up area?
  • They were waiting for a lift, but the police took them home covered in blood. What happened to the lift? Is this another example of a caring parent who now infers to all and sundry that it is the Boardwalks fault that her precious children, who should have been home at that time of the night, were 'mugged'?
GET REAL LADY, stand up and come forward and tell the TRUTH.

Rate and Comment on the The Boardwalk's Service Excellence HERE
Contact Details for the Boardwalk

Posted by: MyPE on Wednesday, June 27 @ 09:01:07 SAST
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Re: Alleged Boardwalk Mugging (Score: 1)
by callyjean on Wednesday, June 27 @ 09:38:35 SAST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I was extremely concerned about this, and also decided to find out more... We have to be careful what we read, and always make sure we have the proper details. I was in state of panic, but felt much better when I received the WHOLE story!

Re: Alleged Boardwalk Mugging (Score: 1)
by ABYC on Friday, June 29 @ 10:37:36 SAST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.sail-search.com/
Stanford Slabbert has just confirmed that; "the Humewood Police have NO record of any such incident taking place" Makes me sick that people can be so irresponsible as to send messages like this out. Not to mention that we, like gullible sheep, believe almost everything we read!

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