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Standard C Math

absabsolute value
acosarc cosine
asinarc sine
atanarc tangent
atan2arc tangent, using signs to determine quadrants
ceilthe smallest integer not less than a certain value
coshhyperbolic cosine
divreturns the quotient and remainder of a division
expreturns ā€œeā€ raised to a given power
fabsabsolute value for floating-point numbers
floorreturns the largest integer not greater than a given value
fmodreturns the remainder of a division
frexpdecomposes a number into scientific notation
labsabsolute value for long integers
ldexpcomputes a number in scientific notation
ldivreturns the quotient and remainder of a division, in long integer form
lognatural logarithm (to base e)
log10common logarithm (to base 10)
modfdecomposes a number into integer and fractional parts
powreturns a given number raised to another number
sinhhyperbolic sine
sqrtsquare root
tanhhyperbolic tangent
Compiling with gcc

In order to use some of the above functions, certain versions of the gcc compiler require the math library to be explicitly linked in using the -lm command-line option.

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