Release Manager Software System

The following is intended to be a somewhat-complete overview of the various elements of the Release Management System and their current development and/or maintenance status. This probably isn't complete, and it will almost certainly fall behind in being updated. But hopefully it's better than nothing.


The goal of the Release Management System as a project is to provide libraries and utilities to supercede the existing tools. The replacement tools are to be re-designed from the start, borrowing some from the existing code but being primarily re-written. The intent is to build on the experiences garnered from the original tools, particularly in terms of identifying the areas that require the most processing and I/O time, targeting these for optimization.

The system as a whole is divided into three sub-projects. These are as follows:

Installation Documents

The following installation documents are available in HTML form:

Additional Project Documents

In addition to the component overviews, the following documents are available in HTML form:

There are also four MicroSoft Word documents and one Visio diagram on the "DMOIMS" share under the Windows environment. These are in my folder on the drive, which is generally mapped to "N:" on most COE environments: \\I49AFILES\DMOIMS, with the full path being \\I49AFILES\DMOIMS\Randy R:
Building Perl.doc
A detailed descriptive of the process needed to build Perl and the associated modules.
An overview of the format of packages sent to the release manager. Covers the contents of the tar-archive and the special file "weblist".
Documentation of the make-functionality built into the release manager tools.
Step-by-step checklist for setting up a new release manager instance on a host. Includes the needed directory structure (paths, ownership and permissions) as well as the required software installation.

A multi-page diagram in Visio that describes the functionality of the release manager daemon process (from the server-side tools) in terms of a flow chart.