Checklist for Installing and Configuring Client Side Release Manager and CVS on New Servers

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Before packages can be distributed to target servers, the appropriate software must be built and placed into packages. This document will not cover building software or creating packages in detail as these subjects deserve to have their own documents. This section will mainly highlight possible problems and necessary steps.

  1. Release Manager Depends on Perl. Be sure Perl is built correctly.
  2. Now build the install the ReleaseManager package itself:
  3. Make sure Oracle is installed and configured correctly on target server
  4. Make sure all firewall punchthroughs for connecting to mirror database exist. (if needed)


  1. Verify that /opt/ims/repository is a symlink to the nfs-mounted repository. (probably /nfs/repository)
  2. If there are Oracle connection problems:
  3. If error "read_hostconfig: Error getting full mirror data table: Error initializing database connect to DATABASE"
  4. Currently:
  5. Future:

Adding Mirror Specifications and Host Lists to Oracle

There is now a tool for editing the mirror specification database. It operates on a CGI/HTTP model, and is as secure as can be without using SSL directly. A manual page for the tool is part of the IMS-ReleaseMgr extension package. A link to the tool should probably be put on the webmaster page (where is it thus access-controlled). The tool is called "", for those with access to the IMS source code.