Release Manager Project - Current Status

This is an abbreviated copy of the project plan to which changes are made to illustrate progress made:

S Component % Complete Estimated Time to Complete
 1  Database 100% Complete. Further development is frozen until the completion of initial deployment.
 2  Library and API 100% Complete. Further development is frozen until the completion of initial deployment.
 3  Server Side (a) 100% Complete. All server-side functionality is currently in place. The remaining library call in the Lib/API component does not affect this component (though it will be used here, in the planned next generation). This has been in stable deployment for over 6 months. No new work is expected until after the initial stable deployment of the entire system as a whole, including the development of the supplemental documentation.
Client Side (b) 70% There are three primary branches of this component: a CVS Command Wrapper, the Developer Management Tools and the Path/URL Translation Engine. Of these three:
CVS Command Wrapper
Developer Management Tools
95% Complete. The coding is complete. The FTP support is written and fit into the tool, but still needs testing.
Path/URL Translator
Not started. Certain points regarding the design are still being finalized. The existing wrapper is functional, though slow and difficult to maintain. Work will commence after that last parts are done on the release tool. Given that, a rough estimate places this at 2 weeks to develop and 1 week for testing.

Besides these, there is a requirement for a command-line to that would allow batch-mode release of small numbers of files, to assist projects that use nightly jobs to generate semi-static content from databases. This tool is still under consideration.
 4  Additional Documentation 0% Not started. Requires completion of both Server Side and Client Side. Current estimate is for two documents, tentative topics of "System Setup and Administration" and "User Manual and Process Guide". Approximately one week for development of initial draft of each (two weeks total). An additional 4-5 days for gathering of proofreading feedback and making corrections and clarifications is also expected. The first document completed can overlay the majority of proofreading with the development of the second document. All told, expect this component to need 3-4 weeks, or simply one month, to complete.