// vim: set filetype=pp2html: +PP:PerlPoint $TOP_BGCOLOR=#AFBDCA =Introduction This is the reference manual for \C. The \C program is a tool to convert simple text files written in \PP format to a set of HTML files which can be presented with a normal web browser. This can be used both for making presentations and for creating documents for the intranet or internet. The most important features of \C are: * Simple ASCII file in \PP format as source * Automated generation of table of contents and navigation * Optional index generation * Possibility for simple character formatting * Optional frame sets * Support for TreeApplet in table of contents * Possibility to include other \PP files * Embedding of Perl code \B Please have also a look at the following documents: * \L{url="../Getting-Started/index.htm" target=_blank} //* pp2html Tutorial * \L{url="../FAQ-pp2html/index.htm" target=_blank} * \L{url="../FAQ-Parser/index.htm" target=_blank} * \L{url="../Writing-Converters/index.htm" target=_blank} //* Style Guide =Installation \X{mode=index_only}For using \PP and pp2html you need the following components: * Perl 5.005.03 or better * Storable * Digest::SHA1 * Digest::MD5 * Getopt::ArgvFile * PerlPoint-Package * PerlPoint-Converters * Test::Harness * Test::Simple An easy way to install all the needed modules is the following: perl -MCPAN -e 'Bundle::PerlPoint' To install a module you must do the following steps: # Get the module form CPAN. # Unpack the tar.gz or .tgz file and cd to the new module directory, for example: % gunzip PerlPoint-Package-0.35.tgz % cd PerlPoint-Package-0.35 ## Make and install the package: % perl Makefile.PL % make test % make install If you do not have write permission in the standard Perl installation path you may install the modules in your home directory: % perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=$HOME This will install the package somewhere in ./lib/perl5/... under your home. Don't forget to set \C to include the corresponding paths. Otherwise the new modules will not be found in \C<@INC>. \B Versions before 0.35 of \B may have problems with the \C<--cache> option. Disable this option in the .cfg option files for the pp2html examples. =Sources and Support * All mentioned components for the installation can be found on CPAN. * Support should be found in the mailing list for \PP: perlpoint@perl.org To join the \X, send a message to \C If you prefer, you can also contact the authors directly: lorenz.domke@gmx.de perl@jochen-stenzel.de =Running pp2html To run \C you need an input file in \PP format (see \SECTIONREF{name="PerlPoint Syntax"} and eventually an \XREF{name="Option Files"}