GBrowse on Mac OS X


These scripts simplify the installation of GBrowse on Mac OS X.


  1. The CPANPLUS module
  2. This module automates the installation of a variety of Perl modules.

  3. December 2002 (or greater) Developer Tools
  5. root access
  6. If you do not, you may still install GBrowse and its dependencies in non-standard paths. See the documentation below on ``Installing GBrowse in non-standard paths''.

    The Fink package manager is *not* required; instead, all packages are built from source.

Quick start:

  1. Build the libraries and dependencies of GBrowse
  2.    % make libraries
  3. Build GBrowse proper
  4.    % make gbrowse

Additional Information

See the full documentation for installing and using GBrowse on Mac OS X in


For additional information and configuration options, try

    % perldoc scripts/ 
    % perldoc scripts/
=head2 Versions and URLs

Due to inconsistent naming and distribution of dependencies, these scripts rely on a Perl package ( that stores the versions and URLs of dependencies known to work with GBrowse. If you wish to use a newer version of a library, simply edit the file (and drop me a line concerning your results).


 Todd Harris (
 Copyright @ 2003 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory