WWW-Selenium-Utils Fan Club

Welcome to the WWW-Selenium-Utils (WSU) fan club. WSU is a perl package that helps you use Selenium more effectively.

What does Selutils offer?

  • Allows you to write your selenium tests in an easy to read/write syntax
  • Automatically creates your TestSuite.html
  • Verifies your selenium command syntax
  • Allows you to include other selenium files - avoid duplication!


This package is easy to install using the CPAN shell:

  sudo /usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install WWW::Selenium::Utils'
If you need instructions to install it, send email here:
selutils-help@awesnob.com. We also have a mailing list for talk about using and improving the package. Send an email with the word 'subscribe' in an email to selutils-request@lists.awesnob.com

Using Selenium

Luke created a screen cast video to show how you can quickly get up and running with Selenium and WWW-Selenium-Utils:

Selutils Fan Club Website Tests

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