=head1 NAME Html::FromMail::Default::HTMLifiers - convert data type to HTML =head1 SYNOPSIS =head1 DESCRIPTION =head1 FUNCTIONS B(PAGE, MESSAGE, PART, ARGS) =over 4 THIS FUNCTION IS NOT PRESENT, for the following reason. What should happen here? The message part/multipart contains an html message, but that interferes with the HTML of the template. One solution could be to strip the header, and the html and body tags. However, what about style sheet info? That may very well interfere with the template's style sheet. And consider erroneous HTML? So, until some nice solution is presented, HTML will not be inlined. As alternative, your production software may differentiate between html messages and non-html messages. Produce the page according to the template, and then simply link to the produced HTML for the user. However, I don't know whether that is smart.... =back B(PAGE, MESSAGE, PART, ARGS) =over 4 Convert plain text into HTML using HTML::FromText. Configuration can be supplied as show in the example. The defaults are set to mode C
with C, C, C, and C.

I configuring text conversion

  my $f = HTML::FromMail->new
  ( settings =>
      { message        => { disposition => \&my_disposer }
      , HTML::FromText => { block_code  => 0 }


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