Portable Presenter has a few modules which descibe how to decorate a slide.

Decoration describes the background (colours and images) and foreground-colours of the slide. The defaults are influenced by the device-type of the viewport.

For the moment, there are only two different decorations defined:

  • Solid: no decoration at all.
  • Lines1: simple decoration with a place for a (company-)logo.

General Decoration Options

A percentage is a value between 0 and 1 or a string between '0%' and '100%'.

All decorations share these options, although the default may vary: (the default-values described here are the defaults for the defaults. Does that make sense?)

-backgroundBounds => [ left, top, right, bottom ]
Limits the action-space of templates. The values specify the percentage of the screen which should be left empty.
A percentage can be specified as '2.5%' or 0.025.

-backdrop => boolean
Backdrop is a slidely shifted character behind the real character. The use of backdrop improves the readability of text on poor displaying hardware, as TV-screens.

You can set backdrop on for the whole slide (or show) with this option, or use the BD tag in the markup formatter.

-fgcolor => color
-bgcolor => color
-bdcolor => color
The bgcolor defines the solid color of the background. fgcolor contains the default color of the foreground --the color of the text. bdcolor is the backdrop color. These values overrule the device dependent defaults.

-nestImages => [ geometry, image, ... ]
List of images to be used in unordered-lists (as created by a formatter)

The color and shape of the images used may change with the images on the background and the colors for the foreground, so are defined in this style-element.

When you specify a geometry, you can specify a list of image-names, filenames, or PPresenter::Image::Magick objects. PPresenter::Image::tkPhoto objects are not allowed, because they are already scaled on definition.

When the geometry is undef then the list can contain image-names, filenames, and PPresenter::Image objects. The images will not be scaled.

See the examples on how to create and use images.

-defaultBounds => area
If one of the specific area-bounds is not specified, its region is computed based on this value. The area specifies the values the left-top and right-bottom coordinates of the screen relative to the screen's width and height (percentages).
The default is: [ qw/5% 5% 97% 97%/ ]

-defaultTitlebarHeight => percentage
When no -titleBounds is specified, and the selected template requires an area for the title to be displayed, this value is used to reserve a part of the -defaultBounds area for it.
The default value is 15% (which is equivalent to 0.15).

-defaultFooterHeight => percentage
When no -footerBounds are specified, this value is used to reserve a part of the -defaultBounds area to show a footer (if the user has specied a footer, otherwise this option will have no effect).
The default value is 10%.

-areaSeparation => percentage
Blank space between template areas as well when the are stacked horizontally as vertically. The default value is 3%

-titleBounds => area
-mainBounds => area
-mainBoundsNoTitle=> area
-footerBounds => area
These options specify the area of the screen where respectively the title, main-part, main-part when the template does not show a title, and the page's footer shall be displayed. If these values are not supplied, convenient values are computed based on the -defaultBounds.

-notesBounds => area
The region used to show text which is created by the `notes' template. The default is [ qw/2% 2% 98% 98%/ ]

Settings with Function-calls

Decorations contain a few settings which can not be set simply by option-flags with a slide, but only by calling a function.
devices => hash-of-devs, where devs relate a name to a ref-array with [ bgcolor, fgcolor, bdcolor, backdrop ]

This hash defines the default colors to be used per device. Do not change device definitions, but add new devices with
$show->find(decoration => 'SELECTED')
     ->addDevice(name, fg, bg, bd, backdrop);
Devices are added in front of the list, so when you add a device specification with an existing name, the original will not be used anymore.

Predefined values are:

device background
lcddark blueyellowblack1 (on)
beamerwhiteblackgray0 (off)
printerwhiteblackgray0 (off)

Use `-backdrop => boolean' to overrule the backdrop for device. To change the default colours, you can add a new device. Do not forget to select the new device (even when it has the same name as the selected device):

     ->addDevice(qw/lcd black white yellow 0/);
$show->select(decoration => 'lcd');

Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.