Default dynamics



Portable Presenter currently has only one style of dynamics: the default.

The formatter provides the user with a way to specify dynamics on part of text and images. The formatter passes these strings to this module, which interprets the string into a program which can be run when the slide-view is being displayed.


The Dynamic/Default style-element contains the following options:
-appear => description
How the slide elements are shown by default.
The default is "phase 0 appear".

-appearTime => seconds
When from or to do not carry a time specification.


The exact syntax is one string containing:
[phase-spec][after secs][from|to dir [secs]][appear|disappear]

  • The phase-specification can be
    phase number or phase number-
    Show from the specified phase of the slide onwards.
    phase -number
    Show until (including) the specified phase.
    phase number1-number2
    Show from phase number1 till phase number2.

    A presentation of one slide-view of a slide can contain a few phases. You enter a next phase of a slide (all its slide-views) by pressing the space-bar.

  • With after, you specify the number of seconds from the start of the specified phase until the appearance or disappearance of the item.

  • The from and to cause text and images to move over the screen in a certain direction. As direction can be used any from n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw.
    The time tells how many seconds are to be used, which defaults to the value of -appearTime.

  • appear and disappear are usually implied by the other statements.


The formatter in use calls this module to translate a string into a program. For instance, if you use the markup, you can specify:
  <A SHOW="after 5 from ne">some text</A>
which results in a call for this module with the string "after 5 from ne". This module translates this into a command for the program, which will result in the effect that
  • the text "some text" will be shown
  • in phase 0 (default),
  • after 5 seconds,
  • entering the screen from north-east,
  • in -appearTime seconds (default).

Other examples:

   phase 2-3
   phase -4 after 2.3 to s 8.45
   phase 3 disappear

Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.