Portable Presenter is a package designed to give presentations. It is a complicated packages, which requires a study off the supplied documentation. However, after that, still some questions may remain which are not directly part of the PPresenter software, but are related to running it. I try to answer these questions on this page(s).


  1. How can I get rid of the borders?


  1. How can I get rid of the borders?

    This can not be handled by PPresenter itself, but is a task of your windowing system (in UNIX's case the window-manager you are running) For each windowing system, the way to achieve this is different. Please contribute to the next list:

    Run your application. Select "Attributes..." from the menu you get when you push the right mouse button on the title bar. Choose "Window Attributes" for the selection-box, and then flag "Disable titlebar". If you have accepted that, your border will disappear.

    Fvmw2 (thanks to Slaven Radic)
    Add the line
       Style "Coll"    NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0
    to the configuration file ~/.fvwm2rc, where Coll should be replaced by the capitalized name of your presentation script.
Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.