Default Templates


General options.

The Template style-elements describe where the text is place in the screen. Portable Presenter currently has only one set of templates: the default set.

The Templates

Each template requires options which are related to their name. The available options are:
-main => string
-left => string
-right => string
-notes => string
The title is taken from the slide option -title. All templates have the general template options.

Each template has a long name, which is much to long to type with every slide. That's why there are aliases defined, too. The aliases are rather extensive to help people who do not want to learn the word order ;) My personal preferences are shown in bold.

name: default title main
aliases: dtm, title main, tm, default.
name: default title left right
aliases: default title right left, title left right, title right left, dtlr, dtrl, tlr, trl.
name: default big-left title right
aliases: big-left title right, title right big-left, dbltr, dtrbl, bltr, trbl
name: default big-right title left
aliases: big-right title left, title left big-right, dbrtl, dtlbr, brtl, tlbr.
name: default title
aliases: title, dt, t.
(shown with a -place area)
name: default main
aliases: main, dm, m.
name: slidenotes
aliases: SlideNotes, sn.
name: default empty
aliases: empty, de, e.
(shown with a -place area)

Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.