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Adding Slides
Changing defaults

The day of the presentation. Unfortunately, PPresenter is not that widespread (yet) that the organisation will have it installed on their systems. You will have to use your own laptop. Test your laptop with the equipment provided by the organization.

It would be best to have foils of your presentation, too. Unfortunately, PPresenter cannot create large printouts yet. Full-sized prints with acceptable quality are not foreseen in the near future.

Check the quality of the text. By default, PPresenter expects output to a lcd-projector. You can easily change the default settings (colour and backdrop) by specifying a different device to the viewport:

   my $show = PPresenter->new;
       ( viewport => 'default'
       , -device  => 'beamer'

PPresenter will scale text and images automatically to the available screensize. But you still should check if it works. Go through all of your slides, and see if all fits nice. You may need some minor adjustments (when the screensize differes from the size you designed it for)

On the moment your presentation starts, do not forget to press `g' to start the timer.

First time?

If you are on for your first time, then you may have benevit from the next list:
  • Be on time (best a few hours early to get in the mood)
  • Have enough sleep in the night before.
  • Do not drink coffee or carbonated drinks in the hour before you have to speak.
  • Go to the toilet just before the presentation.
  • Do not put your hands in your pockets (you'll get sweaty hands)
  • Discuss your presentation with the organizers (hall attendant).
  • People do not mind if you have to interrupt your speach for a minute or more, for instance when you microphone breaks down: they always have things to look-up or speak about with their neighbour.
  • Bring businesscards to hand-out.

After the presentation

Send me a mail and tell me how to improve these guidelines. Success!

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