Adding Slides


Adding Slides
Changing defaults

If we run the example created so far, it will immediately exit: no slides defined. Seems alright to me. Now let me create a real slide!

We selected a style: let us assume it is the default style (you do not have to do anything to get that one). Within a style, you can select a style-element implementation. The default selected style-elements of the default style are:

  • Solid backgrounds as decoration,
  • Tk fonts as fontset,
  • the Default screen templates (with as default template 'tm'),
  • a Markup text formatter, and
  • the Default dynamic specifications.
We can live with that for the moment. I don't think Tk-fonts are nice, but for the moment...

When you create a slide, you specify a number of options, which overrule the defaults as are set by the style-elements. There is a huge amount of options (all options). If you try to use an option which is not part of any selected style-element you will be warned.

Adding a slide:

   #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
   use strict;

   my $show = PPresenter->new;

       ( -title    => 'first slide'
       , -main     => '<HUGE>Hi there</HUGE>'

Each slide shall have a title. Furthermore, we used all the defaults: only the default style-elements, and from them the default options.
  • The default for a solid decoration is yellow characters on a solid blue background (if the screen's device is a lcd-projector).
  • The default fontset is Tk-fonts: not too nice, but they will always work.
  • The default template is 'tm' which divides the screen (for this slide) in a title and a main-part; yes, tm is the abbreviation of 'title main'. The options -title and -main tell PPresenter what to show in those regions.
  • The text specified with the two options is interpreted by the selected formatter, the Markup formatter. The title does not contain any markup tags, but PPresenter puts <TITLE> around it automatically. The main part is put in a (much) larger than normal font.
  • We do not use any dynamics in this example.
You need to know the options which you can use. For that you have to know which style-elements are selected, and then read those manual-pages. However, farmost options are never changed.

You also have to understand the markup formatter.

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Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.