XML presentations


Basically, PPresenter is a library which can be used from a Perl program directly. However, not everyone prefers to write Perl, so you may like the idea of a program which translates text-files into library calls.

The XML interpreter was written by Johan Vromans. It implements a substantial sub-set of the possibilities of the library in pure XML. DTD's are included.

How to run

If you want to use the XML interpreter, you run:
    present myfile.xml
    present -xml myfile

How to use

Currently, there is no documentation on how to write presentations on XML. However, there are two large examples included in the demo directory of the sources: xml/demo/*. These should be sufficient to use this application. Please contribute.
Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.