present-xml (1)



present-xml - run Portable Presenter via XML.


present-xml [options] file


Portable Presenter (PPresenter) is a package designed to give presentations. It is written in Perl/Tk only, which is available for UNIX and for Windows. Usually, you will run present which will call this program when the file supplied is contains xml.

Show debug information. The XML-interpreter, PPresenter and Perl/Tk can all produce quite confusing messages, so running with debug on may clarify things sometimes.

-device lcd|beamer|printer
What kind of output device are you using (this time). This will influence default color-settings and backdrop.

Use the validating ESIS XML interpreter in stead of the non-validating PerlSAX parser. You may encounter some problems with the ESIS parser.

-exporter module
PPresenter can export a presentation into a website or handouts. The html-based documentation describes how it works. Specify the name of the exporter module which shall be loaded.

-geometry geom
Specifies the size of the window to be used. Defaults to '800x600', but this might change.

Brief help message.

Identify the version of the ppresenter-xml command.

Do (do not) create a runnable perl program from the XML file. So, you may decide to run XML directly or create a perl program as intermediate.

More details about the normal flow of activities while interpreting the XML file.


A full documentation in html is included in the package, and available on the website:

present(1), present-xml(1).

Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.