Welcome to Solstice

Solstice is installed and running, but not fully configured. Please complete this form to help Solstice generate a configuation file.

Basic Configuration

Please provide some basic information about your server and your preferences.

Server string:
The server string is used to identify this Solstice installation in error messaging and diagnostics.
Support email:
The support email will be shown to users in case of a server error.
Admin email:
Any server-level notifications of errors will go to this address.

Development mode re-checks config files and templates for changes every click, but is slower.

disabled="true" />
Solstice encrypts much of the data it exposes to the client. If you have an existing key, you can enter it here - otherwise, let us generate a key for you.

Host Configuration

Now help Solstice find a few critical pieces of information about your host.

Fully Qualified Hostname:
Solstice will use this hostname when constructing URLs for the user.
Path to Applications:
Solstice applications live in a particular parent directory. Please specify one here - you can add more later.
Data directory:
Please provide the path to a directory your webserver can write to. Solstice will use this directory to cache resources and write log files.
URL Root:
What URL would you like Solstice to manage? The default, for example, is http://your-host.com/solstice/

Database Configuration

The install process will try to connect to the database with the username and password given. If there are no tables in the databases, we'll go ahead and populate them. Solstice currently only supports MySQL.

Database host:
Database port:
Database user:
Database password:
Confirm password:
Solstice Database name:
Session Database name: