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HiPi PUD Utility

The HiPi::BCM2835 module provides access to functions that allow you to set the pull up / pull down resistors on the GPIO pins

The hipi-pud utility is provided to allow access to this facility when not running under sudo and to support the setting of resistors in HiPi::Device::GPIO::Pin

The calling process user must be a member of the group gpio to execute the utility.

You can manage group membership with the HiPi Control Gui.

Command Line Help

usage : hipi-pud PINID SETTING
PINID    = bcm2835 gpio pin number
SETTING  = c[lear] | u[p] | d[own]
  clear pull up /down resistors for GPIO 24
    hipi-pud 24 clear
  set pull up resistor on GPIO 24
    hipi-pud 24 up

  set pull down resistor on GPIO 24
    hipi-pud 24 down

Note: PUD settings cannot be read or queried
      and last across restarts.

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